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Thread: BMS repeater

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    BMS repeater

    Hello Control Gurus,

    I just want to ask you guys, how do you troubleshoot BMS Repeater and how do you guys know when the repeater is not working properly?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Start out withan accurate drawing for the network installation. If you are seeing successful I/O to all devices before the repeater on the network, but a lot more failures after that point in the network you should suspect that the repeater is bad. I've seen intermittant failures where a repeater will fail, work OK for awhile after power cycling it, then fail again. So, sometimes you need to look at trends over time to isolate the problem.
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    Steve's comments are right on target.

    One of the things I often do with a "repeated BMS comm segment" is to put in custom
    "data handshake programs" into controllers on both sides of the repeator. The handshake programs
    send date/time stamped AI, AO, BI, and BO data packets to the BMS Server, and, just as Steve
    suggested, I trend them to spot potential issues quickly.

    Additionally, I have custom alarming logic that compares the "repeated data packets" to
    pre defined "acceptable variables", that can send an alarm, and email, to the operator when there
    is defective repeator responses. The programs are extremely simple and very low
    "data overhead" on the buss.

    Anyway, good question.
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    Thank you guys for promptly respond. This is an invaluable source of information.

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