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    Chimney Staining From Boiler?

    Hi, I'm a new home owner since 2009 and have been plagued for the past year with brownish staining running down my white chimney. I've repainted several times with mansonary paint only to have the staining come back gradualy after rain or snow. The staining appears to be dripping off the corners of the stainless steal cover which leads me to belive that something is being expelled from the boiler which condenses on the cover and drips with the outside mosture.

    I've been going back and fourth between my oil company who services our boiler and the chimney tech who cleans our liner, installed the last liner and chimney cap. Oil company says there is nothing wrong with boiler, must be rust or corrosion in the liner or cap. Chimney tech checked everything and said there is nothing wrong with chimney, liner, or cap. I have to agree with the later because as long as the weather is fare, no staining appears and there is no visable rust on anything up there.

    I purchased the home directly from the owner of one of the leading home heating oil company's in my area and was told the service tech that the boiler is old but it is a tank and the best the company made (at the time of purchase). And until now has been touble free. I've talked to the owner's son who now runs the company and two of the service techs and they have never seen or heard of this problem before. I'm more than willing to replace the system to fix the problem but my oil company is telling me there is nothing wrong with the one I have.

    Please help. I've attached photo's and will list as much info as I can figure out.

    Heating System: Last inspected/tested: Oct 2011
    Boiler: Burnham V-35
    Burner: BKT (?)
    Nozzle: size .75; Angle 70*; Spray B
    (nozzle was replaced during trouble call for staining, current info follows)
    Nozzle: size .85; Angle 80*; Spray A

    Combustion Test:
    Gross Stk temp: 500*
    Net stk temp: 450*
    CO2%: 11
    Smoke: 0
    Breech draft: -04
    Overfire Draft: -02

    Efficiency Rating: 81 1/2%
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