I am looking at making a pretty drastic move...I am looking to leave my home of Wisconsin (been here all my life) and I am thinking about moving to California (SF Bay area or San Diego)or moving to the Atlanta area. I have been in Wisconsin for 30+ years and have been doing HVAC for 16+. I have been in all aspects of the field from commercial sheet metal & project management to project manager to the sales & service side of the HVAC business in residential/light commercial. I am currently a service & sales manager for a residential/light commercial company and I am ready for a change and looking to get out of the cold Wisconsin winters. So my questions is how is the HVAC business in these two areas? Is there decent money to be made in either of these major metro areas? Are there any companies that you suggest to look at first for possible employment, ones you would stay away from at all cost? And lastly do know of any companies in these areas that are looking for someone in the areas of Sales or Service department managers, Operations or business development? Thanks in advance for you input!!