i noticed a strange cover-up going on in the media.
i heard last month , the media said Karl Marx's birthday is in March.
i thought "uh oh, i made a big mistake" because i made a post similar to this one last year.

Karl Marx IS listed as being born on May 5th.
he died in March.

it seems the media is trying to confuse the two dates so people don't easily make the connection that they are now celebrating his birthday on May 5th, AKA Cinco De Mayo.

even my father who is pro-Democrat, pro-Communist, thought Marx was born in March.

Americans now celebrate Karl Marx's birthday on may 5th, and Lennin's birthday on "Earth Day".

people in our government insist on honoring two people who started the largest mass-murder in world history.
oh well, you know what they say, the truth is stranger than fiction.

BTW i also saw on the net, people are upset that Obama started his campaign on May 5th