ok ive had this leak detector less then a year and used it maybe 10 x now , seems like a good meter but really its had this charging issue almost from the beginning.. i found it weird that the prt that plugs into meter from the 120v wall plus never bottomed out as it doesnt go all the way in, i just moved it around until the light came on to charge..now it wont even do that. i know its not fully discharge but ive used it twice for long periods so i know it needs alittle charge but i cant get light blink for charge indication to even start..arghh.. is this normal??

also how in the heck do you get the filter out of the tip i tried removing the tip off of wand then tried to push pull or drag that filter out but it appears maybe the top end of tip unscrews but it wont budge and i dont want to break it, anybody have aquick answer for this filter removal??