Hi there!! Have a few questions that I hope you guys can help me answer. My name is Melissa and I am not an HVAC person but my husband is. I should probably give some background information as to how we came to this situation. We currently live in Illinois and I am a special education teacher. Not sure how many of you know about the state of Illinois' finances...but let's just say they are bad. At the end of this school year I will be RIF'D. My husband lost his job during the recession...went to trade school to learn HVAC and got a job...but it took a while. However, December of 2012 he was laid off due to lack of work. In the area we live in they have recently closed the only maximum security women's prison and with that closure I am sure a lot of jobs will disappear. Recently I read an article that our unemployment rate for our county is 10.7% for February 2013. My husband has been to every HVAC contractor in a 50 mile radius of where we live and keeps being told the same thing....Get out of Illinois! Now my question....Where are the HVAC jobs? We have really been looking at a few places where it we have thought it would be easiest for both of us to find employment. The states are Texas (mainly northern or eastern areas), Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arizona.

Any opinions on these areas?? What can he look forward to with pay in these areas? What do you think is the best area?