In the home i recently purchased the heat pump has been faulty. When heat comes on sometimes immediately, sometimes after a few mins it will go to aux heat. Had a technician come check it out on the side. So he hooks up the gauges and he said the low side is ok but the high side the pressure was low. So he hooks a few things up and test it in HEAT only and the high side didnt rise, listening to it the pump sounds great just obviously isnt working correctly. so what he comes up with is a "busted valve" in the compressor. So I decide to do my research and see many cases of misdiagnosed compressor failure. so i took it upon myself to use an earth magnet on the reversing valve. ive watched a video of this done, my question/concern is that when changed from heat to cooling the magnet only pulls about a 1/2". and also if the magnet should pull towards the "center" of the valve when in heat or in cooling mode. If a video will help better I will post one so it can be seen. I truly hope this is a case of a sticking reversing valve.

Thanks for any help!

Trane XE 1000