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    So anyhow.... one of my nephews told me that walmart is selling 22 ammo for 11.00 per 250 round brick..... limit 1 per customer.. and other ammo is the same.... 1 box per caliber per person....

    22.00 per 500 rounds........ a couple of weeks ago it was like 60 bucks......

    so its coming down.....
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    it has to come down.
    .22 is not worth that kind of money.
    i hear bricks of .22 were going for 80 bucks in some places.
    the gun industry has started hiring extra employees

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    Looks to me like the law of 'supply and demand' works just fine. Or to put it a different way: the marketplace makes the price as well as any govt regs could.

    Now if we can get the public to realize govt regs HURT business... we can let the marketplace function is it will.

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    Sad thing is some people are paying those high prices.
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