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Ohms law does not pertain to inductive loads, only resistive loads....

The easiest way to keep it straight in your head is this;

Get a vacuum of the Shop-Vac type. Now start the vacuum and listen to the motor speed, then plug the suction hose with your hand... What happens? The motor speeds up.. Why? The motor load drops, which causes a decrease in amperage, or more accurately, wattage.

Now go get a box fan and do the same experiment. You will obviously need a piece of cardboard or something, start the fan and listen to the speed, then block it off... What happened? The motor slows down, why? the restriction of the air on the blades causes the motor to use more wattage.

IMHO you need to pick up an Ugly's Electrical Handbook and keep it by the toilet to read during "quiet time"


There is some really good information in there and will come in handy if ever doing some electrical work sizing conduits, conductors, starters etc...


Great way to see it.