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    taylor c602 pump problems

    i have taylor c602 and its pump in sundae side in not stopping

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    not familiar w that model. what controls the pump? maybe that points you in the right direction

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    Is the draw valve closed all the way, and is the draw switch stuck on?

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    Here are a list of possible items to look at and remedies:
    1.) The draw valve was not aligned with the actuator bracket when the freezer door was installed.
    A.) Reassemble with the correct alignment. Tighten the handscrews in a criss-cross pattern when installing the freezer door.
    2.) The draw valve was not lubricated.
    A.) Lubricate the draw valve and o'rings.
    3.) The spinner shaft was not lubricated.
    A.) Lubricate the spinner shaft.
    4.) The spinner blade became disengaged from the driven spinner when the draw valve was raised.
    A.) Call an authorized service technician to check the spinner coupling position on the motor.
    5.) The product is too thick.
    A.) Check that the product temperature is within specification.
    6.) The shake actuator assembly is out of alignment or is malfunctioning.
    A.) Call an authorized service technician.

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