Looks like a few years ago I see positive reviews of these units - wondering if that is still the case?

Would use a propane unit for HW as well as for back up coils in two HP's (possible small space radiant and maybe a towel warmer depending on $$)

-- also told it could heat the water from cold quickly as this is not a full time house -- we currently turn off the Oil WH when we are away. See any problems doing this?

This looks like a nice simple compact solution -- vs having an electric HW unit on all the time and having to provide another system for back-up for the HP's. I don't want to use an "on demand" HW unit. Only the two off us and guests occasionally -- we do have a jet tub that is occasionally used.

We use this house more in the winter time -- although only on the weekends. We have high propane costs (almost $3) as well as high electric rates PECO (.18 - .20). So a lot of the year I could turn off the unit. With the propane costs going all electric is almost a possibility .. although I'm getting different opinions on the actually crossover point. Electric would be simple.

I'm rebuilding my house and going crazy!