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Filters keep equipment clean and have little to no impact on levels of household dust or air quality. The Pure Air uses an extremely restrictive MERV 16 filter which could hurt your system's performance and should be replaced with a MERV 10 filter. Unfortunately your standard box filter won't fit because Lennox wants you to only use their filters. Aprilaire makes a retrofit kit so you can use their MERV 10 filter if it's a better deal. My suggestion is make sure this unit is only on when the blower is operating and then unplug it completely after a year, throw away the lights and grid and just use a MERV 10 filter. The dirty little secret manufactures don't want you to know is that these so called air cleaners are just a scam.

Indoor air pollutants can be reduced by a high quality filtration system.
Unfortunately, most people don't keep up with them, and this causes a loss of effectiveness.
Let's say we set our 4 ton system's low fan speed to 50% or 800 cfm. So this means we are moving a full 10'x10'x8' rooms worth of air every minute. In 25 min, it can recycle the air of an entire 2500sqft home with 8' ceilings. How is that not cleaning the air?

The MERV 16 is not that much more restrictive than the MERV 10.
The maximum difference under rated airflow of all three Lennox size models is 0.04" w.c.
If you're having high static issues, perhaps a lesson in duct sizing is in order.
The Pure Air is one of the best air cleaners on the market today.
The old model did have flaws with its UV bulb design, but they have a new U tube design that has a far less failure rate.