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    Did you back seat your service valves before you started it

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    Quote Originally Posted by HVAC_HUSKER View Post
    Im sorry mr moderator im not being a smart ass at all but I had reviewed the rules this is the second notice from a moderator I would like a email or message to specify what im saying wrong.. I feel I havnt violated any rules and have advised this guest to get a pro on both of my posts.. please send me.message of whats so wrong with my post so I dont violate the rules again thank you...
    I sent an e-mail to the address listed in your profile last night before I posted this.

    There is an application to fill out:
    Click here.
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    just a guess but if its wired correct probably a bad compressor .the factory does mess up the wiring sometimes,also would not be the first compressor bad out of the box
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    Provided it's wired properly from the factory and the charge has been released from the unit, return it to Goodman. Oh, did you buy this online? That may be a problem then......... Contact your online retailer for assistance. This unit will be 410a, not 134a. I hope you evacuated the system below 500 microns or you can kiss it and any warranty you might have had good bye.

    And, since it won't run, in order to cut it loose and return it you will need to recover the charge with you refrigerant recovery machine. You obviously have one since you had to recover that R22 from your old equipment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catmanacman View Post
    just a guess but if its wired correct probably a bad compressor .the factory does mess up the wiring sometimes,also would not be the first compressor bad out of the box

    I have had absolutely 0 bad compressors or fan motors in 7 years from goodman.

    Replacement compressors/motors (random brands), I have received bad out of the box.

    Theres 2 very usual things going on here.
    1. A homeowner installation.
    2. A brand new unit not running.

    occams razor tells me their directly related.
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    This is good stuff jack.
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    Thanks to those who provided constructive thoughts.

    I figured it out tonight. I found it difficult to believe that a new unit would have a failed compressor.

    I added a hard-start kit ... that changed the symptoms a bit, but didn't solve the no-start problem.

    I finally decided to track the compressor wiring ... Bingo!

    The red lead from the main circuit board to the compressor start-capacitor was disconnected at the circuit board. It must have vibrated loose during transit.

    The condenser fired up without issue.

    I let it stabilize ... measured superheat and sub-cool ... a small tweak to the TXV ... adjusted charge ... and it works like a champ!

    Yes, it is possible for a homeowner to install HVAC. I find it enjoyable to learn new things ... The tools are not that expensive ... except for a recovery machine ... so I hired a local fellow with the proper equipment and certification to pump-down the old R-22 unit before removing it.

    And sorry for confusing refrigerants (that was my automotive background slipping through) ... of course it's a R410a system

    Thanks again.

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