Just found this forum.

I just finished installation of a second 3-ton Goodman 18 SEER Condensing unit.

The first one installed without issues.

The second one is giving me fits. Here's what happens: The unit tries to start, the fan spins briefly, then it sounds like the compressor attempts to start, but doesn't ... then everything stops. This cycle repeats three or four times, then the unit throws a fault code: Red light solid, yellow light flashes four times ... the diagnostics give four possibilities:

1 - Failed run capacitor ... but this is a new unit (hard start kit installed)
2 - Low voltage ... measures solid
3 - Too much liquid refridgerant in the compressor ... I just installed this today with a new evaporator and 15-ft lineset ... the refridgerant shipped in the unit should be ideal for this
4 - Fronzen compressor bearings ... this unit is new ... installed today, Oct 2012 build date.

Any ideas or troubleshooting recommendations?


Bill N.