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    Two new Bohn evaporators

    Upgrading this Walkin in stages. Two condensing units, two evaporators each. Owners had 1 condensing unit replaced 6 months ago, now we did the evaporators for that unit. More upgrades to come....

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    I give it 3 yrs until it leaks!

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    Why do you go up with your piping, then over for a few feet, and then back down into a trap? It seems like you are using a bunch of extra 90s and you are possibly creating a situation where oil could get trapped in the evaporator. Also, where is your expansion valve bulb mounted? I'm guessing it isn't in a very good location. Also, your drain line doesn't look like it has very much pitch, and it is all wavy and stuff back towards the old evaps. That probably isn't your fault though.

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    that's beyond callback time.

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    The old evaps had the lines entering on the opposite side, the trap was already there. The old evaps were also at least a foot wider and the drains didn't match up with the old pipes.

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    Looking good. I like the union in the drain line, makes it easier for future service.

    With soft copper I like to use a tubing bender and swaging tool. Saves a few dollars on fittings.

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