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    Hoshi bin stat, never assume....

    Hey all,
    Just wanted to share some of the weeks adventures. Got called to an ice machine not making ice. Got to store and manager says " one of your co workers just installed a new bin stat yesterday and now its not making ice". Okay... so my manager definitly didnt let me know that ahead of time. So im looking at a unit with a brand new bin stat. Oh and by the way I'm a rookie only been out of school for 8 months, so still have tons to learn. So I called Hoshizaki tech support, and he fills me in on how to test the bin stat ect... My only determination after testing stat operation is that its a defective stat. I cranked the adjustment to coldest setting and told manager I'd be back next week with a new bin stat the current one is defective. I show up the following week (monday) with new stat in hand, I installed new stat tested it and it seemed to work great, I left. Friday (today), boss calls me and says just got a call ice machine not making ice, low and behold same store (). And off I went. This time I was done assuming that this bin stat holder / binstat was the right part for this machine. Did some searching online, Eureka! found a pic of the bin stat assembly on my iPhone. not the wrong part or holder but my co worker who to his defense is as fresh as I am (we actually were in school together) installed the bracket extender upside down. Really wasn't his fault either because he just reinstalled it how he took it out. but in fact the bulb was making contact with the metal plate extender which was causing stat to open and it would never close its contacts again. Now its installed properly and working like a dream.

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    good job

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    Yes, the other big problem is when bin-stats have three terminals, and someone wires one for normally closed when it should be normally open and vice versa.

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    There is a lot to those mountings
    There are extension brackets to worry about too
    Good find
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