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Evacuation through a manifold is improper procedure although it is frequently done.

When ASHRAE writes a standard AGAINST manifold evacuation, THEN it will be an (lilting, flowery JPsmith voice) IMPROPER PROCEDURE. Not before.

I use Appion 1/2" hoses and CRTs, but that does not mean manifolds can't be used. They have been industry standards since day one.

Even though you insited to Uncle they are not.

But I am not going to pull out my Appion gear on a 1/6 HP under-counter restaurant job. So your argument is full of holes.
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The 550 is only a 3 port, so you've contradicted yourself on the manifold subject.

The DC is a three valve manifold too. The 550 was used price comparison against the DC.

Fast enough, much like good enough, seldom is. Until you've used it, you cannot properly comment on it.

Couldn't tell you...never had any complaints from the fairer sex that would lead me to think that is personal short coming.