The tower will nevertheless require about 10,000 tonnes of cooling per hour, where one tonne of cooling is 12,000 times the
amount of heat that will raise or lower the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.
Water that has condensed on the building from the air outside will be collected and used to water the surrounding
"It's so humid here in Dubai so the cooling system captures a huge amount of water," said structural engineer William
Condensed water will be collected and piped to a holding tank in the basement car park, from where it will be pumped into
the landscaping system.
About 15 million gallons of water will be supplied each year this way - the equivalent of 20 Olympic-sized swimming pool

Water pipes 36 inches in diameter will carry chilled water high up into the Burj Dubai for use in the building's cooling
Water used for fire protection sprinklers and hydrants, and for tap water, is pumped up and held in tanks. Gravity then
produces the flow when water is used.
Power supply
Architect Eric Tomich said "very large" electrical cables will supply power through the tower, which will have its own
electrical substations.

I wonder what size pump is needed for that??