Ok, so a home owner decided to convert a small portion of his attic to a finished room. it's actually not a bad size and it looks really nice... However, he is finding it impossible to get it coolo enough in the summer for obvious reasons.

So in the unfinished portion of the attic he has a RUUD air handler with a RUUD air conditioner. He ran several flex ducts to the rooms below the attic and then decided to run two 4x10 registers using 6' flex r6 to the attic conversion for the supply, he then ran two return air lines using 6" flex but used the attic ceiling chase for both to get them as high as possible. the problem with this is when it's 95 degrees outside, it's most likely 130 degrees in those returns from residule heat from the roof.

Now the obvious way to fix this problem is for me to reinstall the entire system properly with insulated chases and so on. But the guy has just purchased the home and he's looking for a less expensive way to get a cooler temperature in there.

So I was wondering if I took some reflectix and lined the inside of the return to help with the temperature of the air being pulled to the unit. OBVIOUSLY this isn't the best idea but i wanted to get a few opinions on the matter. typically he cannot get the temperature below 85 degrees, anything below 80 is acceptable for him to do his work, so i'm not looking to bring the temperature down to 72 degrees. if anyone has an idea, please let me know. Something inexpensive....