In the next few weeks I'll be having several HVAC companies out to my house to discuss the possibilities of adding an AC (currently NG furnace only) unit, heat pump or complete new dual fuel system (I feel that that the current furnace is slightly undersized but would like to see a Manual J to donfirm). I'd like to know all of my options so that my house is comfortable without breaking the bank.

Through reading the various posts on this site I came up with the following questions, focusing on the installation side:

  • Are you licensed, bonded and insured? What other credentials do you/your company have? How are your guys trained/schooled? (NATE certified technicians, BPI certification)
  • Do you have a book showing what type of work you do?
  • References from past installs?
  • Experience in the industry?

    Equipment Sizing Questions:
  • Have you performed a Manual J heat loss calculation? What are the design temps that you use? What installation values did you use? What are the heating and cooling loads?
  • If heating is much more than cooling loads, is a Heat pump appropriate?
  • What about filter cabinet?
  • What do you do to test the ducts?
  • Can the current ducts handle the airflow of the new proposed system?
  • For a Heat Pump, can you provide me a COP at various temperatures table

    Equipment General Questions:
  • What warranty are you offering? Is that from the contractor, manufacturer or a third party?
  • Are there any rebates or special financing offers?
  • What type of performance do you expect out of the new system?

    Installation process Questions:
  • What responsibilities do I have to prepare for the install?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • After furnace installation, are your install technicians proficient in the use of a combustion analyzer to verify proper firing (not under fired, not enough fuel entering burners) i.e. Do they perform a combustion analysis to make sure burner is set up properly?
  • How do they dial-in the airflow on the new furnace?
  • Do you check static pressure and heat rise?

Did I forget anything? What would be your thoughts if a customer asked you these questions?