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    New Furnace Smell

    Had the new high efficiency gas furnace installed 3 days ago. Just have a question about the new furnace smell. I expected a smell when the furnace was first fired up and for a day or two after, but how long should this smell normally last. It has been running consistently off and on since installed (much longer run times than old furnace and more even heat). I noticed this morning that the burning smell is very strong to the point that it is irritating me. For some reason I assumed it would go away after the first few cycles. Is this normal, and how long will this smell typically last? New furnace is much smaller than the old. Old was 100K btu 78% and new one is 60K, 96%+.

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    It should not be giving off a burning smell after 3 days.
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    Probably, a nut driver left against something hot. Why don't you call contractor/

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    Quote Originally Posted by timjimbob View Post
    Probably, a nut driver left against something hot. Why don't you call contractor/
    I probably will. I asked him so many
    questions while trying to decide on a furnace/contractor he's probably sick of me. Probably thinks I'm high maintenance as it is. Should I give it the weekend? I called him yesterday just to thank him for scheduling us in quickly for the install and to ask if any testing needed to be done (pressures, temp rise, etc) since the installers basically worked right to the end of the day , fired it up and left after a few minutes. He said that it wasn't necessary to check anything and that it wasn't standard procedure for a typical install. I didnt mention about the smell since i thought it would be gone by now. They do need to come back to do the chimney liner so maybe I should have them check at that time?

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    Installer don't ususally do preformance testing so tech needs to come out anyway.

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