I have a Henny Penny Pressure fryer that have been causing me problems at the end of its cook time. The employees are pulling the pressure relief valve to relieve the pressure when the product is finish cooking. Not a good practice I know.

I rebuild the solenoid coil (which was very expensive $200 my cost), cleaned the dead weight, all piping, condensate box, replaced the exhaust hose, and the hose coming from the top of the dead weight to the condensate box. There was a lot of hard solid rock like build-up in every part of the pressure circuit.

The only part I can think of that I didn't replace but did clean was the metal U-shape pipe coming from the bottom of the dead weight to the solenoid valve, the condensate box and the condensate drain line. The pressure now drops at the end of the cycle but it does not relieve all the way to 0 psi maybe around half its operating pressure in the green area. It only takes a few seconds of pulling the pressure relief valve to open the fry pot.

The solenoid on this model is 24v located in the back under-counter. It has a Computron 8000 control board. I put it in test mode to test my solenoid output and it operates OK. It I think I may still have some debris in lines but I would like some feed back from someone who is experienced on this type of equipment.

What is your repair procedure when this happens?

After this is resolved what is the best method of keeping this part of the system clean?

When working properly should the unit have a strong hissing sound when it build & relieve pressure under a full load of chicken?