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    Mini-split ductless or conventional ducts?

    I am renovating a 2.5 story ~1950 sqft house in the Northeast. The walls are plaster and there is an unfinished basement and a finished attic. There are no existing ducts but there are eaves in the attic. I have an oil-fired burner connected to cast iron radiators, but I also have gas already connected to the house for the hot water tank and stove. Current floorplans can be viewed at

    While I know radiant heat is preferred, I don't like the radiators (I know, blasphemy!) and regardless I plan on replacing the window AC units with a better solution. As a result, I am considering converting to gas and installing a hydro air/central AC (heat and a/c) solution with 2 zones (1st fl and 2nd/3rd floor), or installing a minisplit ductless system such as Daikin, Fujitsu or Mitsubishi.

    Given my configuration, and given that cost is a large consideration, should I go with minisplit ductless or ducted hydro?

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    I have doubts that a minisplit can provide enough heat in a cold spell. But figures don't lie.

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    Provided the ductless equipment is sized for the heating load rather than the cooling load I don't know why it wouldn't work. I suggest the Mitsubishi High-Heat model which is not yet available as a multi-zone so you'll have to have a heat pump and indoor unit for each zone.

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