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Thread: whats this???

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    whats this???

    alco muffler/stabilizer #ALLS-1. hussmann RFA-2LU glass door freezer has one and I think its installed wrong. Does anyone know how these are supposed to be piped?

    currently the liquid line connections are immediatly upstream of the tx which seems okay but the suction is between the tx out and the distributer???

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    Mufflers are usally installed in the hot gas line.

    I do not understand what you are trying to say aout the suction line.

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    That sounds like part of the hot gas defrost system. Possibly a strainer or check valve. Follow the line you called "suction" and see where it goes. The case may have been field converted to electric defrost and that part may not be in use.
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    Read it wrong

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    I can't seem to find that number on alco's website. It sounds like this may be a heat exchanger that uses the cold refrigerant exiting the TXV to subcool the liquid feeding the valve. This would not have a net effect on capacity or efficiency. However, it may make the TXV work better if the liquid feeding it contained a lot of flash gas. Subcooling the liquid refrigerant serves to eliminate the vapor in the line supplying the TXV.

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    I talked to alco rep today and it IS piped correctly. It has two inlets and two outlets. One inlet is liquid from receiver through the muffler and out to the txv. the other inlet is sat liquid from the txv through the muffler to the distributer. First time I ever saw this and not sure what it does.

    The case is on a hussmann koolgas rack and is the last case on the furthest run of LT systems so I suspect its there to reduce flashing when another case goes into defrost. Case temp is okay so Ill leave it be for now.

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