I havent been around for a while but I'm back.

My shop got cold and I don't like paying gas bills so I built this thing.. Anyhow, showed it to a few people and I am now selling plans to it.

I had no idea there was so much interest in waste oil heating..

For questions, contact email: murphy six two five at yahoo dot com

Transform a 55 gallon drum & 100# propane tank into Free Heat from a Zero Smoke Waste Oil Heater you can build in about 2 weeks.

• Heating Capacity: 70,000 Btu’s – 200,000 Btu’s (adjustable output)
• Fuel Consumption: 0.6 to 2 gallons per hour
• Fuels:
-Waste Motor Oil
-Waste Vegetable Oil
-Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
-Mineral Spirits
-Machine Cutting Oils
-Synthetic Oils
-Gear Oils.
• Dimensions: 30” Diameter x 68" Tall + Fuel Tank of your choice.
• Weight: ~250 Lbs. (Without Fuel Tank).
• Electrical: 110 VAC / 15 Amp Circuit.
• Compressed Air: Less than 0.5 CFM @ 80psi
• Controls: Manual Ignition and Shutdown
• Construction: Commonly available materials
• Skill Level: Requires proficiency at Tig or Mig Welding, basic metal fabrication skills and basic electrical skills.
• Special Tools Required: Mig welder or Tig welder, Torch or other way to cut plate steel.
Plans $50.00 (My construction cost $250)
Completed Unit $2500

In1985 the Environmental Protection Agency issued final procedures for
disposal of used oil by burning on site (40 CFR 266.41).
These procedures say there is only one solution to eliminating your liability, burn it!

The plans include:
*Table of contents with clickable links to each component section.

*Materials List with description, photo and alternative suggestions.
*Over 160 illustrations including,
*Labeled CAD Drawings
*Labeled 3D diagrams and photos
*2D Prints for cutting plates

*Complete descriptions and step by step directions
to make each part.