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The problem is, these young punks are weak as hell...

We were doing a pretty big job that required several helpers and there were three of us "seasoned veterans" on the job and we were shocked at how wimpy the new kids were..

After talking about it over some bbq some time later, we thought that maybe they were acting weak on purpose so that the veterans would pull the load....


Mostly true. I'm not a big guy myself but I can do a mans job. We had a guy a few years back, 20 something, 6'+ 250lb or better that could barely lift his head. No kidding I'm 5'9" 170lb and this guy couldn't help me carry freezer panels. Had to send him home and get a smaller guy to come help. Had another 20 something who couldn't grab a 1hp cond fan mtr by the shaft and pull it up and out of its bracket. Freightshaker however can pack the truck onto the roof if you need it.