Keep Rite Evap in a WIF Elec Defrost, about a 2 horseunit, evap is probably 30 years old and about a year ago the pan heater was replaced. I was called to the unit again and the heater was gone again.

I replaced the heater and i went to check things out a bit more and found the termination stat was not closing either(I put a lil plame to the pipe it was mounted to haha) so i replaced it, THink that iw what caused the heater to go?

Heater was only a little over a year old with out termination working was clock was pretty running time/time instead of time/temp. The clocy was set to go into defrost every 6 hours for 30 minutes

have a look at the hole on the heater, thee were around 6 or 7 of these thinhs along the heater

What ya think?

oh this call was about 2 months aho but in attempting to clean my van today i came across it and snapped a pic before i trashed it(yes I have an untidy van )