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    New wood stove...what should I set my Buderus 2109 to?

    Hi all,
    I recently purchased a wood stove to off-set my oil consumption for heating. I have a Buderus system with a Logamatic 2109 control. Attached are some pics of the system.

    I am using the stove to do 90% of the heating. only the coldest of days do i need supplement with the oil heat (baseboard heating). i just wanted to know what the best setting was on the 2109 now that I'm not really using it for heating, just for hot water.

    I have the domestic hot water set at 122 and the adjustable boiler aquastat set for 140. But I still hear the boiler kicking on regularly, so I was wondering if I am using the most efficient setting.

    Lastly, the technician who last came out, set my dip switches to the following....
    Switch 1 is down, switch 2 is down, and switch 3 is up.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hmm... Tough question I guess.

    I suppose I'll just keep the upper limit set to 140 and the water temp set to 120. I just wasn't sure if I should set the upper limit on the boiler higher, or even "AUT" (auto).

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