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    Mr Slim MSH09TW Fan Question - (In Door Blower)

    From what i have read, the in door fan unit (the in door blower) remains on all the time. What would cause the fan to toggle between on and off while in fan mode?

    When i say Fan mode i mean when i put the remote into Fan and use the "i feel" mode - so if i put it on fan and press the button that says i feel too warm a few times. This happens: the fan goes on stays on for a few min shuts off for a few min and so on ...

    I am in NY and it is winter right now - just wondering if that has anything to do with it?

    I know during the summer months i have had this mode on and the fan does not stop.

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    Is the "operation" light on when this is happening? Almost sounds like defrost (which would only happen in the winter) but it wouldn't (shouldn't) be happening every few mins.

    When it's idle the fan should remain on at a low speed.

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    Thank You for the response - I did not notice what the light conditions were at - I will check that tonight and get back to you.

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