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    Florida-brevard county new guy

    Hey all!

    Excited to finally get on here, been wanting to for a while now. Im 25 years old, I have 5 years of apprenticeship training and schooling, as well as 6 years of commercial and pipe fitting HVAC field experience. Now I am a journeyman technician looking to gain more knowledge of the business side of things because I would like to start my own company in the near future!

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    welcome to the forum!

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    Hey buddy. Just joined myself. Have been in HVAC sales and service for 10 years. I have not owned but ran a business. I'm in Indiana and considering a move to Florida. I am trying to get some contacts down there before I make a move. I'm still learning just like everyone else but I do have a good knowledge of the industry. If there's something that I can help you with I'd be happy.

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