In the near future, I will be replacing a heat exchanger in a York RTU, Model # D3CG102N13046G. I have done a couple of these 8.5 ton units before and have come to the conclusion that it is a pain in the butt. With York’s wonderful design, I found it very hard the get the old heat exchanger out and the new one in without ripping up the insulation in the heating section. When the new one is in, you don’t really have room to get your hands in there to tape up the insulation.
Does anybody have a trick on doing this without tearing up the insulation? I thought about trying to get some thin sheet metal and slide it between the insulation and the brackets that hold the heat exchanger in place, but I don’t really think it would work too well. Any suggestions would be great.

PS- When you guys quote a heat exchanger replacement on the 8.5 ton York RTU’s, how much time do you figure, I figured two men 8 hours each and an additional 2 hours for one guy to take back the old heat exchanger, it’s under warranty and about an 1 ˝ hour drive one way back to York.