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    is there a recommended thermostat swing temperature for heat pump

    from last few months of runtime history log
    here is the rough estimate performance of my heat pump and heat loss on a cloudy day/night. indoor is kept at 71F, 24 hour a day.
    when outside is around 45F, take 13 minutes to raise 1F, about 1 hour to loose 1F
    when outside is around 40F, take 15 minutes to raise 1F, about 40 minutes to loose 1F
    when outside is around 30F, take 18 minutes to raise 1F, about 30 minutes to loose 1F
    when outside is around 25F, take 22 minutes to raise 1F, about 20 minutes to loose 1F
    when outside is around 20F, take 30 minutes to raise 1F, about 15 minutes to loose 1F

    my heat pump take about 3 to 5 minutes of runtime to feel considerable warm air at supply register, currently my thermostat swing is 1F, i am wonder if i increase my indoor temperature to 72F, and increase my swing to 1.5F or maybe 2.0F, will the home still feel comfortable and still as efficient, or maybe even more efficient?

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    You got it about right.
    You might be describing what some would interpret as 1/2'F swing.

    + I don't see how comfort could be different.

    Generally speaking, furnaces become more efficient the longer they run,
    so having them run less often but for longer times
    (in other words, greater swing) tends to be the most cost effective.

    Now ... 70.0 - 72.0 set at 71 .. 1' swing
    New ... 70.0 - 74.0 set at 72 .. 2' swing
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    Don't confuse efficiency as automatically meaning savings.

    While a longer run time will be more efficient. Raising your thermostat's set temp 1 degree will cost you more money.
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