Hey I've got a friend who had me look at his Bryant 90% furnace this morning. It just turned 3 years old.

there is some rust in the corner of the cabnet, behind the inducer and running along the ribbed drain hose that runs from behind the inducer to a collector in the corner of the same cabinet.

I didnt have time today to rip out the inducer and pressure switches and safeties to dig around in the back of the thing and find the leak; But I remember something from my resi days about this with carriers.

I cant get the thing to leak for me now but I know it's gonna start as soon as I walk away.

Seems there was something that had been a reoccuring problem with those units, but I cant remember what it was. I'd rather not spend anymore time poking around in there than I have to, not on this one.

Just looking for any input thats out there, thanks.