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    Compressor change out price

    First off, this really ticks me off, when I do a google search on replacement prices for a heat pump system or compressor asa way of comparison - and THIS site shows up FIRST, and claims to be the #1 HVACR site. WHY ARE YOU BLOCKING OUT THE PRICES?????? WTF???? This is the ultimate question that anyone would first have when needing this work to be done, HOW MUCH??? This is all I want to know and you flat out BLOCK the NUMBERS on PRICES????? FRUSTRATING!!!!!!

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    Sorry, no pricing questions are allowed here.

    Best way for you to find out is by calling 3 or more contractors in your area and see how much they each want to charge you. We are not them, so we don't know what they need to charge to stay in business and make a profit.
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    What a guy working from his garage in the boonies out of a 20 year old pickup, he may do a job for a fraction of what a company with expensive, well trained NATE certified techs in a city with an office, phones, uniforms, insurance, etc. will charge. So if we tell you that you should get a compressor change for X and a established big city dealer quotes you 2X, you'll think he's cheating you. This isn't like buying a car or TV where all you are paying for is a box.

    Or buying equipment, we may pay a considerable difference for the same A/C as a dealer in the next state. So say we pay X for an A/C and your dealer pays X plus 20%, I can't tell you if you are getting a good deal or not. By our cost, we may tell you he is too high when in fact he isn't.

    So as beenthere says, only way to know is to get prices from comparable dealers on similar products. If you are looking for the lowest price you'll often end up with lowest quality product & workmanship. I'll be glad to change a compressor cheap. No nitro while brazing, new drier change, no vacuum, maybe I'll put in used R22

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