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    Ventless gas fireplace maintenance

    For the second time in a week, I had a customer with a ventless gas log fireplace that needs service, and the installing company is out of the business.
    The one last week kept gas to the pilot, after it had been out for 30 minutes. I told her look in the phone book, and I split. (was fixing the furnace and had the gas off to fireplace)

    Today, looking at a furnace, the gas fireplace was burning my eyes, smelled like a hot tub. It probably had never been cleaned. I have to go back with furnace parts, and for this customer, I don't mind learning something. I didn't get a model number or maker.

    How do I clean a ventless gas log and prove its safety? I have a combustion analyzer, and every furnace tech tool. Take it apart, brush and vacuum, clean pilot, reassemble and check CO?

    Nobody around here works on these. Installing companies are usually patio furniture dealers and such, looking for work in winter. Lots of people with these want someone to give money to, I want money.

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    VF fireplaces are rather special. I highly advise getting your NFI Gas certification before working on VF. In the meantime, understand that the ODS pilots are precision engineered and not field adjustable. You cannot ream out the pilot without destroying the orifice. You can clean and ensure proper log placement and test for CO but no field adjustments allowed.


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    I stay away from all ventless products. All of my customers are LP gas, and I highly discourage ventless products in homes.
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