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    I haven't had time to identify which brands, but some GFI's are more sensitive than others, and you know this- just re-stating it. But I have seen sites where the combined RFI/reactance/interference from a set of loads causes the GFI to trip, I've swapped it out with a different GFI and all works well, and used the offending GFI in another application and it has never tripped (and yes it trips when tested externally). Now what I am implying by this 'combined' interference is that the 'cheap' electronics in some brands of GFI's are more susceptible to false trips than others. I have also seen CF bulbs on GFI's exacerbate this as well.
    Anyways, let us know on this one! (.......pesky fault paths........)

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    I have had problems on big GFCI protected equipment and have had to install a timer.. the timer will delay a GFCI trip for a few cycles so as to allow all the transformers and electronics to properly stabilize before it starts to sense a ground fault. When you first energize transformers and capacitors it appears to a GFCI that there is a fault. Just think about how many nuisance trips you get of refer equipment somebody is trying to run on a GFCI. The other thing you could do is to install the 30 ma equipment protection breaker to feed your panel. But at the price of a new GFCI Id change it first just on general principles before I spent any more money.

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