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    I have known people with job knowledge not the hvac field, but my previous field (electronics) that were hesitant to share their knowledge with others. One fellow employee seemed to relish the fact that she knew something you didn't. I have very little use for this type of person. I have always tried to share what I know about something if the person I train seems the least bit interested.

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    There are people in my company that would not teach, they are usually the vets making top dollar. It felt very uncomfortable to ask questions, and they pretty much just used me as a tool-runner, or companionship during down-time at work. I dont advise this at all, but i just did what i was told, and never bothered to talk and get to know them after i felt they were just ignoring me. I even left an intimidating feel to my presence (if that makes any sense) - in hopes that they would just not ask for my help, so that my company would instead dispatch me to someone else.

    I became friends with those that did answer my questions (we now refer to each other as the "clique")- and i barrage them with questions, and they help in anyway because they consider me an actual friend as opposed to being just a coworker. And yes, we all discuss how certain vets dont teach (or even answer a question), and its no surprise they were usually the most meanest and cold calculating guys in the company. It also helps that they (the meanies) know that i am fitting in with mechanics, especially with some of them being A mechanics- it sort of makes them think twice about disrespecting someone who has a few guys on his side.

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    no i was not in the union yet. but repz i think nailed it exactly. and thanks desert guy. i was probably to slow and chatty and that was happened i def didn't have my hands in my pocket i had the garbage bags but i did not ask if they needed any tools. thanks for the good advice.

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