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    Need help

    I am looking for work in the Houston area as a commercial refrigeration technician. I just got out of the joint on a parole violation from a conviction in 1986, so I am hitting many brickwalls. I am 50 years old, but dont let that fool you. I work like two 25 years olds combined. I have the energy and willingness to work my tail off for the right people who will give me a chance. Anyone in Houston who knows a company that will look past the not so colorful background please contact me.

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    You did what that kept you in prison or parole since 1986?
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    if you had 30yrs in the industry outside the fence they probably won't hire you.did you learn/work hvac in you have a drivers license..if not how come? you have to check that box on the application ....have you ever been convicted of a felony their going to check you out head to toe if they consider you ..your problem is why should they even give you a's tough out there doing clean and the right way with the competition is ace'n you have to rep.the company on the jobs.might try a hospital or state maint job in house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toocoolforschool View Post
    You did what that kept you in prison or parole since 1986?
    If you were an applicant, I think I'd want to hear about that, too.

    I'd also want to know HOW or WHY you have changed your life, so that I would not be hiring the same guy that received the conviction of man.
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    I totally agree with Cool, we need to hear that. As owners, we have to truly trust everything we own (or will ever own) to our employees. They work inside our customer's homes and ANY cause for our customers' concern is a big cause of concern for us! So you truly must be open with any employer about your situation. Good luck!

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    Perhaps an industrial facility would be more willing to take a chance on someone with your history. You'd be on their site all the time, and any potential issues could be dealt with in-house, without any customers to be involved. I don't mean that to sound insulting Mark, it's just that I think those kinds of working environments are populated by people that include folks that range from very polite to the more "saltier" types. My carreer has taken me to many such places, and that's what I've seen.

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