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    You know, i just thought something about Hispanic voting

    as you all know , i live in Los Angeles AKA, Even Newer Mexico Part 37, and the Hispanic population 'round here easily has to be 70%

    i don't think there are too many people who disagree that California is run by Democrats.

    well, we recently had a primary election and on a ballot with over 30 names of people running for offices, i only recall seeing about 4 Hispanic names.

    i'm pretty sure Antonio Villalfhfgyhdhrrhthr2h#rtxSA was L.A's first Hispanic mayor, and the next one won't be Hispanic.
    i'm sure there are Hispanic politicians out here, but i can't think of any.

    kinda funny the liberals are telling the Republicans it's time to embrace illegal immigration and Hispanic candidates, when racial description of the Democrat politicians in Los Angeles is the same as they have always been , shrill Caucasian.

    yes, i understand the liberal are the self appointed heroes of the blacks and Hispanics, but real question is, who is getting the job?

    so i guess, when the Republicans receive orders from the liberal internationalists, it's "do as we say , not as we do"?


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    Yup. And the democrats want to promote women as well. That is, until they find out that she is a conservative woman. California continues to re-elect the likes of Diane Fienstein and Barb Boxer. Two of the most shallow and dumb females ever elected to anything. If they were smart and conservative they could never get elected.

    These are a few reasons I moved out of California after living there for 30-years. Took my firearm collection and left about 12-years ago. A good move on my part.

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    I'm out of there after 20 years. Narrow escape from the land of fruit and nuts.
    Can someone please explain to me -
    Why is there never enough time to do it right the first time, but plenty of time to do it twice?

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