Hi everyone

As a newcomer to Canada, I am considering to change my career path right now. After a lot of analytical works for the current Canadian workplace, I think HVAC is one of the best choices to me. Definitely, going to the college and attending a full time program is the commonest way to the young people. But my landlord, a retired electrician told me that there is another training way for most of the skilled trade fields in Canada is "APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM". All of the graduates from high school (grade 12) are qualified to be a apprentice. It looks quite simple, but just for the local guys. To the new immigrants, it seems like an impossible mission Considering the language, social network, and the local experience, you know what I mean So, the only way I can choose is attending the full time HVAC program in college.

Well, the words above is my story. My question is, after I finished the 2 years HVAC program and graduated from the college, should I start to work as a apprentice and be treated as an absolute green hands?

If the answer is YES, it looks unreasonable, isn't it? Compare with the guys who just graduate from high school, the college graduate own more professional knowledge, even it is the paper knowledge. Meanwhile, some colleges in Ontario added certain lab subjects in theirs course list in order to improve the students' hands-on skills. But in the company, both of us have to start our career from the same point. If so, everybody will not choose full time program in college, they will enter HVAC field directly just graduated from high school----saving more money and much time, why not?

If the answer is NO, as the professional staff in HVAC field, how about your opinion?

Thanks for everybody