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    chilled water And Heat Pumps.

    14 story High rise building in California with no fluid loop. For server rooms rather than put in split systems with the condencer in the cieling or up stories on the roof. Management is considering water source heat pumps using chilled water and thermostat controlled valves.

    I think it would be better to bite the buck and put in the fluid loop.

    It will mean running a chiller 24/7 and chilled water pumps. (Bad)

    Has anyone ever ran a water source heat pump with chilled water? Does anyone think this is a good ideal?

    Thank you
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    I saw this done temporarily once and the cold water going through the wshp coils caused liquid migration and starved evaporators. Manufacturers sales literature may say it is ok but they do not run the equipment under these conditions for any period of time that would validate their claim. Don't do it. Take it from an ex-factory tech. The condenser loop is the only legit way to go.

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    We have done plenty of water source heat pumps downtown Chicago serving small computer rooms. We have never used chilled water to cool the condenser. I am certain that on M'Quay heat pumps, there is a minimum 55condenser water temp.Why don't they use chilled water units as opposed to DX heat pumps?

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    close a loop and go water to air.


    i had 1 computer room that we stole the water from
    the water cooled a/c system in the mechanical room
    that was on the same floor as the computer room,
    i installed a very expensive (heavy duty) in line water
    pump that would circulate the water even when the
    main water tower pumps shut off at night.

    ran the water pump off of my computer room a/c systems contactor(low voltage)
    initially the only problem was that pump i installed was running over amps,
    until i throttled back the inlet water isolation valve to the pump to
    maintain proper amps on the water pump.dont forget some type
    of cleanable strainer.and check your pressures upon completion!


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    Here in Indy common practice for server rooms is to use dom. water with meter to back bill for water use.

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    I was just tlking to a customer on friday about his water source heat pumps and using a chilled water loop (system is already inplace and operational) to run through the condensers on the a/c equipment as well as the ice machines throughout the building. So I guess that the answer is yes, there are systems out there that use chilled water for the heat pumps. I haven't seen the system so I can't tell you anything about how well it operates or doesn't operate.

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    I have seen chilled water used before on FHP units. The way they controlled it would work on any WSHP. They use 2 Penn water regulating valves in parrallel. One is normally open and closes on a pressure rise (Heat Mode). One is normally closed and opens on pressure rise (Cooling Mode). I liked the fact you could set your pressures in heating and cooling modes for the water cooled evap/cond.

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    why reinvent the wheel?

    install CW loop , use CW coil, electric reheat for dehum/heat
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
    install CW loop , use CW coil, electric reheat for dehum/heat
    thank god you said it, thats not a hard decision. if you have chill water use it.

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    [QUOTE=schomaker9253;1353746]We have done plenty of water source heat pumps downtown Chicago serving small computer rooms. QUOTE]

    I am trying to arrange for a small WSHP installation in downtown Chicago, with a specific interest in an FHP EV -024 in a vertical configuration. I need to find a reasonable installer. Any suggestions?

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