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    New from ND

    Hey guys, my name is Josh. I'm 23, with two kids (age 2 and 5), and married. I've been in the field just shy of five years now. I work for a small local company and do work all around the state. I've worked with everything from household a/c units and commercial HVAC units to self contained coolers and commercial refrigeration rack systems to ice machines and slurpee machines. I used to work as a custodian with a few small contracts and then cost of living went up around here. I started my hunt for a new profession and my dad had worked in this field for a few years so I asked if he new anybody hiring and he went and talked to his boss. I ended up very lucky because three days later I showed up to the shop to start my new job. I say lucky because I had no prior experience and no education for the field. My first day was awful. They started me off as a grunt (kind of what I expected). It was one of our hottest days that year, around 102 degrees or so, and even though I was the new guy, I was the one carrying all the tools, carrying ladders around, and taking the heavy ends on the cases we were installing. I really had no idea what I getting into and I was very tempted to tell them it wasn't for me and walk away. Needless to stay, I decided to stick around for a week or two and see if it got any better, and it did. So far these guys have done everything they can for me and they are some of the greatest people I've ever met. All my training has been on the job (I've never been a book learner) and they've payed for me to get my certification required for the job. Anyways, I'm starting to ramble a bit so I'm going to end it here. I look forward to learning a few things from the site and I'm hoping I can help others. Thanks for having me in your what seems to be friendly forum.


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    welcome to the forum!

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