Ok here is the situation. I have been working for this company for 1 year now. When I was hired last January I was offered a wage $2.00 less than what I was making but told that after my 3 month review and then my 6 month review I would be back to making what I had been before I started. Also I am a G2 gas fitter with my ODP certificate. I can work on equipment up to 400,000 btuh and can handle refrigerant. I was told that they would start me on my Residential air condition certificate. Well a year has passed and I am at the same wage that I started at and no start to my residential air condition certificate. I had a sit down with the GM today and he is all fidget and talk but still nothing offered. I am a service technician with 2 years experience in the field and 22 years working with refrigeration with General Electric as a test inspect and repair in appliances. I have been to night school at college getting my AC for HRAC. Also the company has sent me on 2 different course last year for 1 week each down to St.Louis.
I am expected to do the same work as the guys that have their full tickets and are getting paid allot more than me. I am in the on call loop and have not taken one day off in a year sick. I have picked up extra shifts when asked and done allot of OT when asked. At the Christmas dinner they thanked me for bring in the second highest amount of tech leads and income for repairs out of the 10 service techs. Yet I can not get a nickel out of them. I am getting kinda of dishearten about this situation. Am I expecting to much from this job and company.