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    Hmm Volunteer work

    I have a question if anyone can answer this? Service Mangers or Techs.

    How long would you say you would have to volunteer your services to a company until you wanted them to hire you on permanantly?? 2 weeks, 1 month? etc.... At some point you have to start making some income and pay some bills.


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    I wouldn't volunteer my services at all. Anybody that's so cheap that they could not even pay you minimum wage is not looking out for your best interest, only their own.

    I know that you are thinking this would be a good opportunity to get a little experience and maybe show them that you are worth hiring but chances are they are looking to just get some free labor out of you and when you are done they will find another newbie that doesn't know any better. Besides, anybody that cheap is only going to pay you peanuts if they hire you anyway.

    There is one more thing to think about too. What would happen if you would happen to get hurt on the job while you are working for free? Do you think he's going to pay for it? I think not.

    I think that is part of the problem with the HVAC industry, at least for the new people getting in. All these schools advertise that there are all these high paying jobs and you have 100 people enroll and when you get out you find only 5 job openings and if you are lucky maybe one of them will require no experience. Oh sure, this is great for the employer, they can pretty much name whatever wage they want and somebody will take it, but not so great for the student. When you have that many people looking for the same job, it really drives the wages down because you have people so desperate they will work for any wage.
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    I agree with what Bruce is saying. Certainly don't offer yourself up for free. I know that the job market can be tough at times, but your persistance will eventually pay off. If you have the mindset that you will do anything it takes to get into a good job, translate that energy into cold calling employers, searching for jobs, visiting your local job placement agencies, etc.

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    well it is how much you want to give and what other oppurtuitys you might have. Only you can make that decision about what options suits you best. I believe a ride around day with their best tech to see what you can and cant do is fair enough nost techs can judge what you can do or might be capable of doing for their company. on day can say alot about you and the company whom which you are seeking employment, maybe you wont like were they work or whatthey do??????

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    In the old days of guilds and such, they would at least feed and house you while they worked you for free. Could you at least set up a cot in the shop?
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    When I was going to school we had a few guys go to work for the local hospital with the "chance" of being hired when they were done with school. I, like others have stated, felt I was worth more than nothing even if it was minimum wage. (Nor was I willing to be the biggest a** kisser to get the job). One of the two guys did get hired and actually ended up making out ok with the hospital. I ended up going to work for a commercial install/service company at more than minimum wage and then quit there and went to work for another company that mainly did commercial service. Anyway about 2 years after graduation I got a service call to one of the hospitals buildings and ended up fixing the problem. It was not all that complicated but the guy that ended up working on that same unit before they called us was the same guy I graduated with and went to work for the hospital. Anyway I soon learned that altough he got to see some serious equipment in a hurry, I knew more about overall hvac by working at a commercial service company. Just some "extra" input for you.
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    If you are an unpaid volunteer you may not be covered by that contractor's insurance policy, what happens if you get hurt?

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