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    Newbie from Texas

    I maintain the same deal with HVAC as I do with electricity - I don't mess with it and ensure I get a qualified person to do the work. Both are quite interesting to me but I'll stick with computers and networks and leave the difficult stuff to the pros!
    Thanks to everyone for having this site and allowing us newbies to ask stupid questions :-)

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    welcome to the forum!

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    From one computer guy to another. As long as you are mechanically inclined, this will come easy. Newer models have multiple boards like the TAM5. Just like a comouter and networks, remember the operating procedure thst must take place with the way it communicstes with each other. Plus with new thermostats, they can be set up to the internet so you can get emails, text messages about your system ranging from needing to change the filter to a proble arising with the unit.

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