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    "There WILL BE immigration reform during Obama's second term"

    I was watching TV the other day and i caught the final minutes of some news story.
    Some Hispanic political organization said they are happy because "there WILL BE immigration reform during Obama's second term"

    This is a clue that like the Health-Care Bill, Obama is planning to bypass laws and government to force another bill on the public that they don't want.

    Several years ago, the term "immigration reform" meant 'keeping people out', now, the political machine has hijacked to the term to mean 'legalizing the criminals who are here.'

    Recently, there has been a push in California to add illegals to the health care bill, but anyone with an IQ over 4 would have known our current government would consider any policy that excludes illegals ,as"racist".

    Working Americans are FORCED to pay high premiums while a big invitation is going to go out around the world to move here and see a doctor every month for free.
    God only knows how much of a mass-migration this will cause as people come here to drain the remaining wealth from America.

    The Republican party has now been ordered to kiss-up to Hispanics and ignore immigration rules.

    Unfortunately, we are witnessing the final nail in America's coffin. after years of trying everything possible to destroy the American spirit, the final verdict has been to simply replace the population.

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    I heard talk this morning about the "guest workers" who are/will be paying taxes being allowed to bring their families with them to the U.S. I'm going to assume taxpayers will be paying benefits to the familys and anchor babies will be popping out all over the place.
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    The republican party has not been ordered to do anything. The republican party is now embracing immigration reform because they see the legal immigrants and the kin of legals and the illegals as a voting block that they just are not going to let go to the dems only.

    The republican party...and the tea party and whatever other name you can put on traditional conservative politicians are ready willing and able to sell you and me down the river in order to get a chunk of the hispanic vote.

    They know that the traditional republican and conservative voters are always going to vote republican or conservative..... so now they are free to piss on us and do whatever is neccesary to secure the hispanic vote.

    Rand Paul could be down at the border opening up the floodgates and many of you would run up right beside him and help turn that wheel.... telling him what a great man he is and how you voted for
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    The only one LOL corny are the Marxists & commies in the Democratic Party at your post. Wondering how many idiots will buy that BS and either not vote next time or vote for the communist, I mean Democratic Party. Gees, give it a rest corny. Thank you, thank you very much

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