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    WI Freezer Vent - Condensate Dripping Inside

    Alright, I have a customer with a walk-in freezer that is coming out of warranty (we do their normal service work). It has had a problem since Day 1 with the vent port over the door having condensate drip out of it and freeze on and around the door. The heater in the vent is working fine. The door heater is working fine. The gasket has a good seal. It is an indoor box, although the building controls may let the kitchen warm up over night to conserve cooling energy.
    Any thoughts on what is causing the vent to constantly drip condensate that freezes?

    My thought is the cooling capacity is oversized, not running long enough to dry the air and hence let the air stay at a high humidity creating the condensate to drip out of the vent. I'm in the process of getting data on the box to assess what size cooling equipment it needs.

    Any help, thoughts, experience on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    The seal inside the vent is leaking air.

    Ping Pong ball of Flapper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pecmsg View Post
    The seal inside the vent is leaking air.

    Ping Pong ball of Flapper?
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    I believe it is the flapper. It looks like the Kason model 1825. So probably just continuous airflow?

    Oh, I forgot one more thing. The company that has been working on this has installed more than one ventilator and actually has 2 installed right now in the box, both doing the same thing. Maybe the pressure for the opening of these "springless" valves is too low. Could a pressure difference outside the box in the kitchen cause the flapper to not be closing all the way? That would have to be negative pressure in the kitchen I believe.

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