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    Compressor overload alarm on Mcquay

    I am working on some mcquay McQuay Heat Pump - R134a HPI 109.2 SE ST but in one of them i am having a problem from some days. After 1 or 2 hours of work one circuit of them is going on alarm for : "Comp overload" in circuit 2 alarm on board and "motor temp high" on remote controller (bms) . I have checked r134 gas is ok , high an low pressure are ok, checked also the solenoid valve on of liquid ignition of compressor is ok. Now is running in heat , i try to also in cooling mode but problem is the same. I was there for a control and i have seen the discharge on about 180 degree Fahrenheit increased to 185 degree Fahrenheit , 1 minute after compressor trip for compressor overload.

    Any idea?

    Thank you fro your time

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    How's rated versus actual amps?
    Superheat? Subcooling?

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    check amp draw on compressor, sounds like it is running hard. If pressures remain constant till compressor trips out, it is probably going to loose compressor soon.

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