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    Dual 4 ton txv's on 7.5 ton coil- 1 icing, the other seems normal

    I have something i have not seen before. carrier 7.5 ton r-22 evap with 2 four ton txvs. One is icing at the manifold and the other is not. I replaced the icing valve and got same results. Anyone seen this before? Thanks. 5/8 liquid line splits into 2 1/2 inch lines, go into seperate txv and suction lines join at outlet of air handler to return to condenser in 1 1/8 line.

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    Got any other data? OD temp, superheat, subcooling, pressures?

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    Maybe even equipment model #'s too. So we can get an idea of what you are working with.

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    Sorry, Carrier 40rm012 air handler, 7.5 ton trane condenser, 85 oda 250 head/50 back 23 delta t on saturday, yesterday told it was 85oda, 30 back 210 head and 15 delta. Upper txv circuit icing. lower not.

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    85 outdoor air and are you saying you had a 50psi suction pressure? Just wanna be sure Im reading that right.

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    yes, 50 suction and 250 at liquid service port.

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