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    Manitowoc Q400 flaker

    I am working on a Manitowoc Q406A flaker ice machine that is producing small, hard pellets instead of flakes. I've tried a cleaning cycle, but no luck. Any thoughts? We have several of these machines in our department and they are all around 6 years old and I'm starting to see variation in the shape and size of the flakes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rbwalter View Post
    Think nobody answered you cause you didn't give enough info....
    I'd check the auger and check production and after that check charge,

    That's the kind of info we need..

    Hope this helps...
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    I don't think there were any Q model flakers?

    Whatever model it is, did it previously make flake ice? It sounds like you have a cubelet/nugget/pellet machine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MicahWes View Post
    I don't think there were any Q model flakers?
    They do have the Q'F'400 flaker. It is a under counter. I think they only stopped making them recently and went to the RF's. By the partial number posted it is most likely a flaker.

    Is the ice a problem or are you worried about a malfunction?

    When you tried a clean cycle do you only hit the clean button?

    At the main web site you can find owners manuals that explain how to clean a machine or find a contractor who can do it for you. Six years is a long time without a real cleaning. I believe they recommend at least twice a year at the very least
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